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Website problems

Old Glory UK Posted on 19 Nov, 2018 09:46:12

Apologies for the inconvenience but I am afraid we are having issues with the website payment pages. Currently they are offline though customers can still view the site and pace items in the shopping cart as normal. Full operation will be resumed as soon as possible.
In the meantimes you can still place you order by email on and pay either by card or paypal
or by telephone on
+44 (0) 1207 283332
since we still take telephone orders as we always have
Also email and telephone orders mean that customers can take advantage of the neverending “6 for5” deal where in any group of 6 packs of miniatures you will pay only for 5 – where prices differ the cheapest will be the free pack . This deal extends so buy 12 packs pay only for 10 and so on.
This deal will continue for Telephone and show orders once the site is fully operational and we have no plans to cancel it at this time
That iswhy we call it the “Neverending 6 for 5 deal

Security upgrade

Old Glory UK Posted on 13 Nov, 2018 11:54:46

So around 10 am this morning a mild panic set in as the site listing disappeared page by page with no apparent explanation. Disconcerting to say the least. Had we been hacked? Well no is was my host instituting a security upgrade a little ahead of schedule and without precise notification as to how and when or even with what temporary effect.
However after somethin over an hour watching page after page scarper the whole site has re-booted and is now a bit faster and more secure. So hopefully panic over …..


Old Glory UK Posted on 28 Sep, 2018 10:22:56

My next re-supply shipment from Old Glory USA is on it way. A smaller shipment from Drabant has arrived as I type this.
The Old Glory shipment is due to arrive this coming Wednesday and should include supplies of the new Blue Moon crusades range in 15/18mm. This as well as a load of re-supply for many ranges. Chaps awaiting back orders will be sorted out in the usual manner longest waiting first. then in strict date order.
Another order will go off to the USA pretty soon to cover the more recent back orders- those where I have run out of something since I placed the order which will arrive on Wednesday.. That order- to get things in perspective was placed at the end of August.


Old Glory UK Posted on 20 Aug, 2018 11:11:03

Please Note the Downloadable Catalogues section is due to be deleted as the PDF files are massively out of date with newer ranges missing and some ranges no longer available. These listings are no longer accurate as to price or pack content or number of packs or ranges.. The websire listings are the only up to date versions of our products and should e consulted for such information.
If in doubt please email me on


Old Glory UK Posted on 01 Aug, 2018 09:03:31

My re-supply shipment is now on its way across the pond. I should get it next week- Monday or Tuesday. Depending upon UPS. Now this of coursewill be too late for Claymore this coming weekend which is a bit of a blow but as usual in these cases anything that we don’t have at the show , that is paid for at the show ,will be sent to you post free as soon as we do have it in hand. This order should enable me to clear up back orders up until those ordered after mid- July.and, depending upon what was actually ordered many of the more recnt orders as well. Other items that went out of stock since that time will be ordered with my next re-supply which will go off to the USA in late August after Parizan 2

Claymore !

Old Glory UK Posted on 24 Jul, 2018 09:48:52

Yes of course we will be there as usual with as many soldiers as we can cram into the van.
All the Blue Moon 15/18mm that we have plus all the Drabant 28mm that we have plus a selection of Old Glory 28mm ranges and a selection of the Old Glory 10mm ranges.
Sash and Saber 28mm ACW and all of the splendid Raven Banner Games 28mm ACW. So ACW fans will be well catered for as we will also have all of the Blue Moon ACW with us and all of our 10mm ACW as well!
Please note see the Old Glory Miniature UK facebook page

formore instant news as it were
See you in Edinburgh

Two shows- Two weeks.

Old Glory UK Posted on 09 May, 2018 08:50:57

May is a crowded month. Coming up this Saturday is Carronade in Falkirk and yes we will be there This is an excellent club show and we will be taking our usual show stock. Yes the “6 for5” deal will be in place and yes pre-orders are welcome- but you are cutting it fine. …
Once we get back from Bonnie Scotland well a bare week flies by and we are off to Partizan in Newark on May 20th- a Sunday show this and yes we shall be there as usual wth plenty of toys to choose from .
Sometime this month I am expcting a HUGE shipment from the USA with a lot of additions to the Blue Moon Italian wars range as well as bundles of back orders for chaps that have been waiting for gear I ran out of at Salute.. so it goes I’m afraid.
Oh and check out Old Glory Miniatures UK on facebook
Hope to see you at one of these 2 splendid shows

Salute 2018

Old Glory UK Posted on 23 Mar, 2018 10:07:05

So Salute is once again just around the corner- a bare 3 weeks away. Yes of course we will be there, Yes of course the “6 for5” deal will be in operation and yes of course we will be taking a ton- literally a ton- of soldiers in the back of the van.
So we will definitely be taking
ALL the 15mm Blue Moon ranges that we have. Every pack from every range that we have.
ALL The Command Decision 15mm WW2 and Moderns that we have in stock.
Grandscale 10mm- Horse ad musket ranges only . Please pre-order any Ancient or Medievals as we will not have them with us.
Sash and Saber ACW- all that we have
Raven Banner Games ACW- all that we have.
Drabant 28mm Dark Ages- All that we have.
A selection of Old Glory 25/8mm ranges including
Dark Ages, Hundred Years War Samurai, Italian Wars, Wars of Religion, ECW, (SO that is 3 different Pike and Shot ranges) Colonials- including North West Frontier, Sudan, Boxer Rising, Indian Mutiny and Boer War..
There may be room for a couple more such as the Crusades but the van will be pretty full.
Other Old Glory ranges – please pre-order. Some ranges are simply too big to bring to shows anymore – such as the HUGE 25/8mm Napoleonic range or indeed the Ancients. either of which would take up as much stand space as ALL of the Blue Moon put together.
40mm please pre-order though if we have space we may take the 40mm ACW range as there will be a 40mm ACW game at the event.Using our Ssash and Saber figures.

Other stuff
1/600th ships- all we have of the Pre-Dreadnaught range Russian Japanese USNavy, Spanish, French and Royal Navy ship.
Blue Moon 28mm Boxed sets- All we have.
A selection of 28mm Unit packs of Sash and Saber and Old Glory 2nd Edition ACW ,AWI and Napoleonic- Oh and a few Seven Years War.

Any thing else we have space for … perhaps…
Stand TB16

See you at Ex-cell on the 14th of April

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