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Two shows- Two weeks.

Old Glory UK Posted on 09 May, 2018 08:50:57

May is a crowded month. Coming up this Saturday is Carronade in Falkirk and yes we will be there This is an excellent club show and we will be taking our usual show stock. Yes the “6 for5” deal will be in place and yes pre-orders are welcome- but you are cutting it fine. …
Once we get back from Bonnie Scotland well a bare week flies by and we are off to Partizan in Newark on May 20th- a Sunday show this and yes we shall be there as usual wth plenty of toys to choose from .
Sometime this month I am expcting a HUGE shipment from the USA with a lot of additions to the Blue Moon Italian wars range as well as bundles of back orders for chaps that have been waiting for gear I ran out of at Salute.. so it goes I’m afraid.
Oh and check out Old Glory Miniatures UK on facebook
Hope to see you at one of these 2 splendid shows

Salute 2018

Old Glory UK Posted on 23 Mar, 2018 10:07:05

So Salute is once again just around the corner- a bare 3 weeks away. Yes of course we will be there, Yes of course the “6 for5” deal will be in operation and yes of course we will be taking a ton- literally a ton- of soldiers in the back of the van.
So we will definitely be taking
ALL the 15mm Blue Moon ranges that we have. Every pack from every range that we have.
ALL The Command Decision 15mm WW2 and Moderns that we have in stock.
Grandscale 10mm- Horse ad musket ranges only . Please pre-order any Ancient or Medievals as we will not have them with us.
Sash and Saber ACW- all that we have
Raven Banner Games ACW- all that we have.
Drabant 28mm Dark Ages- All that we have.
A selection of Old Glory 25/8mm ranges including
Dark Ages, Hundred Years War Samurai, Italian Wars, Wars of Religion, ECW, (SO that is 3 different Pike and Shot ranges) Colonials- including North West Frontier, Sudan, Boxer Rising, Indian Mutiny and Boer War..
There may be room for a couple more such as the Crusades but the van will be pretty full.
Other Old Glory ranges – please pre-order. Some ranges are simply too big to bring to shows anymore – such as the HUGE 25/8mm Napoleonic range or indeed the Ancients. either of which would take up as much stand space as ALL of the Blue Moon put together.
40mm please pre-order though if we have space we may take the 40mm ACW range as there will be a 40mm ACW game at the event.Using our Ssash and Saber figures.

Other stuff
1/600th ships- all we have of the Pre-Dreadnaught range Russian Japanese USNavy, Spanish, French and Royal Navy ship.
Blue Moon 28mm Boxed sets- All we have.
A selection of 28mm Unit packs of Sash and Saber and Old Glory 2nd Edition ACW ,AWI and Napoleonic- Oh and a few Seven Years War.

Any thing else we have space for … perhaps…
Stand TB16

See you at Ex-cell on the 14th of April

S’no fun in the snow

Old Glory UK Posted on 01 Mar, 2018 14:45:37

I have been waiting for a shipment from yhe USA for a while. I have just found out thaty it is at tje local UPS depot. Good news thinks I- well no Frustrating news as the UPS tracker also tells me that “Adverse weather conditions are causing delay in deliveries”- No shit Sherlock!!
Not the fault of UPS but at least the gear is now in the right country.
As soon as UPS deliver I’ll start getting the back order out. watch this space- and the Old Glory Miniatures UK facebook page for updates.

Salute 2018

Old Glory UK Posted on 22 Feb, 2018 15:32:55

Old Glory UK will be there- stand TB16.
Pre- orders are welcome and the “6 for 5” deal will as always be in operation. The cut off for pre-orders will be March29th although after that date I will accept pre-orders assuming I have the items in stock
The March 29th date will be the absolute last date for attempting to order items from the USA.
The earlier you get your pre-orders in the more chance you have of getting them
Pre-orders pay on the day if possible.
See you on April 14th

Happy New Year

Old Glory UK Posted on 03 Jan, 2018 12:47:04

Well it is now 2018 and Old Glory UK marches on.
Our first show of the year will as usual be Vapnartak in York Feb 4th – so not too far away then.
As always pre-orders are welcome and the never ending “6 for 5” deal will be in operation.
We will be taking all of our usual show stock but please check with us to be sure if you are after something specifric as we simply can’t take every 25mm range we have. We WILL be taking every pack of Blue Moon 15mm that we well as selection from our 25/28mm ranges and our 10mm ranges.

In other news ,,,,
Old Glory Miniatures UK now has a Facebook page

as I thought it was about time.
Still a work in progress this and info and pictures will be added over time as well as news of new ranges of which there will be several in 2018 – or so I am informed. I already know of one major new Blue Moon range but until the announcement is Official my lips are sealed .
See you at Vapnartak.

A Reminder

Old Glory UK Posted on 18 Dec, 2017 13:05:47

A short note to remind customers of our Christmas arrangement.
Our last pre-Christmas posting day will be the 21st of December. After that there will be no more order shipped out until we re-start posting on January 4th 2018 The website will remain open for business but no order will actually be posted until Jan 4th
Yes we are having some time off!.

Have a Great Christmas and a Happy NEW YEAR.



Old Glory UK Posted on 12 Dec, 2017 10:40:37

Now I’ve finally sorted and packed away the contents of the 15 crates of minis that arrived earlier this month I can find the time to let you know about the new items that were within that shipment
Many are alrady up on the site
So Blue Moon 15mm first.
The Boxer Rising range now has a bundle of guns for all the combatants including the Chinese. Who beside the old muzzle loaders used by the Boxers have the modern guns such as the pom-pom and the US made 3 inch gun and the almost universal German Krupp . There are a toal of 18 new guns.
Blue Moon 15mm Napoleonic
3 New packs of British
NBT109and 110 both being Light Infantry- advancing and skirmishing respectively
and NBT203 being Waterloo period centre companies “defending” .
In 25/28mm
I have 4 new packs of Sash and Saber ACW Federal(Union) troops- not on the site yet but should appear in the next 24 hours.
I’ve already mentioned in an earlier post the new Drabant Dark Ages packs- a second pack of Picts and the B2802 Viking re-designed .

As for next year well, all I can say at present is that there will be a NEW Blue moon range of around 60 15mm packs for a period they have not so far touched. Rumour has it that there is also a second all new range planned- well they asked me to do the “project list” for it but my lips are sealed for the moment
Watch this space.

Waiting for Christmas

Old Glory UK Posted on 15 Nov, 2017 14:34:05

It is that time of year again so here we go.
I’m currently waiting for a large shipment of models from the USA. I’ve no specific date for its arrival as the supplier has not yet finished making the several thousand packs of minis I have ordered.
Some of these have been on order since early October but the US show Fall in put a crimp in that idea as the US factory obviously took care of the show before my order.
In the meantime I had perforce to add more packs to the order to cover sales and re-stock for the coming month. This means it takes the US longer to fill the order.

Once this shipment arrives here then back orders will go out on a date order basis- those who have waited longest first until we get to the current date- or as close as we can.
The same- on a smaller scale goes for Drabant except to say that I know the current shipment from Russia is already en route to me.

Christmas ordering

Please check if we have an item in stock either by email or phone- 01207 283332 .
Our last posting day this year will be December 21st though this does not guarantee delivery before Christmas as that will be up to the post office. We will not post out again until after the NEW YEAR though as always the website will be in operation.

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