Apologies for the inconvenience but I am afraid we are having issues with the website payment pages. Currently they are offline though customers can still view the site and pace items in the shopping cart as normal. Full operation will be resumed as soon as possible.
In the meantimes you can still place you order by email on
info@oldgloryuk.com and pay either by card or paypal
or by telephone on
+44 (0) 1207 283332
since we still take telephone orders as we always have
Also email and telephone orders mean that customers can take advantage of the neverending “6 for5” deal where in any group of 6 packs of miniatures you will pay only for 5 – where prices differ the cheapest will be the free pack . This deal extends so buy 12 packs pay only for 10 and so on.
This deal will continue for Telephone and show orders once the site is fully operational and we have no plans to cancel it at this time
That iswhy we call it the “Neverending 6 for 5 deal