May is a crowded month. Coming up this Saturday is Carronade in Falkirk and yes we will be there This is an excellent club show and we will be taking our usual show stock. Yes the “6 for5” deal will be in place and yes pre-orders are welcome- but you are cutting it fine. …
Once we get back from Bonnie Scotland well a bare week flies by and we are off to Partizan in Newark on May 20th- a Sunday show this and yes we shall be there as usual wth plenty of toys to choose from .
Sometime this month I am expcting a HUGE shipment from the USA with a lot of additions to the Blue Moon Italian wars range as well as bundles of back orders for chaps that have been waiting for gear I ran out of at Salute.. so it goes I’m afraid.
Oh and check out Old Glory Miniatures UK on facebook
Hope to see you at one of these 2 splendid shows