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Uncategorised Posted on 28 May, 2022 09:44:56

Please when ordering fill in all 3 address panels on your order otherwise SAGEPAY will assume you have not finished and will cancel the order after 15 minutes . The order will not go through. You must fill in all 3 address panels – including Cardholder- even if you are using paypal. Thank you.

Please Fill in all fields.

Uncategorised Posted on 19 Apr, 2022 10:02:04

When ordering please fill in all 3 address panels including the ‘Carholder address’ even if you are paying with paypal. Otherwise sagepay will reject the order and I will not receive it.

Back in the Saddle

Uncategorised Posted on 29 Sep, 2021 11:39:59

Spent much of yesterday- when I wasn’t on the phone- sorting out new bin stacks for ranges added during the past couple of years that have not- so far- been to a show.
The list was surprisingly long so it will mean that we will have to drop some other ranges off the van to make room for the new stuff for Partizan in October. The ranges dropped will be form our 28mm lines and with one important exception all the new stuff added will be 15mm .
The added ranges are
Blue Moon 15mm.
HYW Crecy and Poitiers period 35 pack range including Scots, Germans, Spanish, Low Countries as well as English and French.
HYW Agincourt period- just in -16 packs for the earlier 15th century.
ECW Scots covenanters added to our substantial ECW range which now stands at over 60 packs including artillery pieces.
French Revolution French and Austrian Infantry and artillery and Vendean Rebels- a very few of these had just come out before shows stopped.
Napoleonic Spanish- now a substantial range of around 30 packs including cavalry militia and of course guerrillas.
French Imperial guard cavalry.
The Indian Mutiny- just in- 26 new packs of miniatures for both sides use Napoleonic guns .
Sash and Saber 28mm
The French and Indian War – almost 100 packs of figures for this popular conflict.
So that is about 200 or so new packs of miniatures that have never been to a show. It will be a new experience for them!

Snow Snow and Snow

Uncategorised Posted on 02 Feb, 2021 10:35:40

Waiting for a shipment to be delivered by UPS. Currently the tracker tells me Castle Donnington- that East Midlands Airport to you and me. At one point they said delivery yesterday but that didn’t happen. Now they are simply saying “in transit” so we wait. At least the shipment is in the right country. 

Christmas 2020

Uncategorised Posted on 18 Dec, 2020 16:04:23

So it is THAT time of year again another December 25th looms. The Ebeneezer Scrooge Christmas Appreciation Society is in session. Not that I mind a bit of Crimbo cheer and to that end our last posting date will be December 19th. as Carole and I are having some time off. No more little soldier for a bit. Orders received after that date will not be posted until after NEW YEAR as I reckon they are safer in my stock room than kicking about the countryside and in various Post Office and Royal Mail sorting offices – or worse in some couriers van. We will be back to work properly around Jan 4th and first posting will be around that time.  Hope you all have a geat Crimbo – covid not with standing. Personally I am looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet- and maybe the odd tincture ….

Shipment News

Uncategorised Posted on 02 Jun, 2020 09:17:50

I have been informed that a re-supply shipment from the USA is in transit to me. I should get this sometime next week all being well but of course these days this is no longer certain. It has 14 boxes so will take some time for me to sort out. Back orders will then be sent out in strict date order.
Now this order has been pending since the beginning of the lockdown and so cannot cover all of the back orders – especially some of the more recent ones though ordered stock will obviously cover some of those. However stuff I ran out of in the last 2-3 weeks will not automatically be covered by this shipment so please be patient.
I am already putting together another order for the US factory which will go off around the end of June for delivery sometime in July.


Uncategorised Posted on 29 Apr, 2020 12:27:47

Old Glory UK are continuing to do business as normally as we can in the current situation. However gaps ARE starting to appear in our stock, Although we still have over 150,000 soldiers in the stockroom some ranges have been roundly plundered by customers painting away in isolation. We have sent off orders bot to OGUS and to Drabant in Russia but currently neither can tell us for certain when to expect re-supply . I am hoping for sometime in June but currently cannot be certain of that. Currently we are and will continue to send out orders with “to Follow” notes in your parcels where items are temporarily out of stock as we always have done. Regular customers will know that sometimes it take a while to get your back order but you do get them. Currently it may take a little longer than usual. If you want to check that an item is in stock please email me on

OGUK and Covid- 19

Uncategorised Posted on 30 Mar, 2020 10:04:35

Despite the current situation Old Gloy UK are still working. We work from home so can carry on as long as we can.
So we are still accepting and processing orders for the immediate future. Indeed I am currently unpacking a shipment from the USA – 10 boxes – which arrived on Friday. Another 3 boxes are due to arrive today. Once I have unpacked these boxes back orders will go out in strict date order. Longest waiting first.
However due to the restrictions I am only posting once a week. That is one journey to my local Post Office. I am not , at the moment, using a courier service unless absolutely necessary for obvious reasons. This will make things a little slower but we – that is my wife and I – continue to process and post out orders as long as we can.

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